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500ml / 17oz

Extreme Cleaning Power Getting rid of dirt, residue and greasy spots have never been easier. Rich and lasting foaming Foam is great! Orange Crush creates perfect amount of foam. Works on all Glass Surfaces 

Super Glide Making it easy to cover every inch of your glass surface. Extra Shine Leave a perfect result for your customers. With a nice scent of California Oranges 

Orange Krush - Professional Window Cleaning solution Basic and Maintenance Cleaning MAXIMUM CONCENTRATE Ideal for glass and frames. Fast and streak-free With lotus effect. Ammonia-free 

Perfectly glide REMOVES: General dirt on all glass surfaces and frames (aluminum, anodized aluminum, plastics). 

Introducing the all new OrangeSilencer

This top of the line bucket on a belt is made from premium materials designed to stand up to the toughest of window cleaners. The Silencer is about to take aim and annihilate basic buckets on a belt. Everything from the specially designed sections for tool storage to the military and industrial-grade construction materials makes this stand out to be your number one BOAB choice.

Richies preferred Squeegee rubber!
Richies preferred Squeegee rubber!

Designed as high-profile soft rubber.

Ensures perfect glide and easy closeout on deep frames. Can, and should be used with only a minimum of pressure against the glass to save your wrist and arm during many hours of work.

A great choice for those who work in normal to cold temperatures or with high humidity in the warm season.

This durable replacement rubber fits most standard squeegee channels and will provide you with streak less squeegee strokes and seamless closeouts on windows.

Delivered in a 24-unit re-useable HDPE container with a twist lock system for perfect storage.

Fits most common standard round channels.

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Made in Denmark

This top of the line bucket on a belt is made from premium materials designed to stand up to the toughest of window cleaners.

Our mission is simple.

  We want to produce quality gear that professionals can appreciate.  You won’t find poorly designed or cheaply made products in our catalog.  Every item made undergoes strict field testing and painstaking quality control.  We are proud of our products and we want to build lasting relationships with our valued customers.

with a criss-cross tightening system
New Handy Sleeve

Basically it is a buttonless version with a criss-cross tightening system for a tighter fit and also reduces the circumference profile.

Made in Denmark
Probably the best belt ever made

This is the ultimate belt with no compromises in quality and performance.