Hedgehog Mop Washer
Hedgehog Mop Washer
Hedgehog Mop Washer


Hedgehog Mop Washer

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(to be used with the HandySleeve)

The Maykker Hedgehog is a replacement mop washer designed to wrap securely around our proprietary HandySleeve mounting system. Our mounting system ensures superior and targeted scrubbing action, preventing the sloppy loose movement typically found in traditional style mop washers.

As with all of our mop covers, the Hedgehog is constructed from the highest quality microfiber available for maximum absorption and water retention. Also, because there are no ends on our mop covers, they will never blow out, which is also typical of more traditional style mop covers. Instead, the ends can be utilized with our replaceable Easy-Scrubs available in white and blue pads or bronze wool.

In addition, the ends of all our mop systems help keep water off the frames thereby minimizing the need for detailing. The Hedgehog incorporates thin abrasive nylon spines throughout the the microfiber pile. These tiny quills enable extra punch for removing tough debris on glass surfaces, making the Hedgehog a window cleaners choice for those hard to clean jobs.

Not recommended for windows that have film tint, E-glass, or bulletproof glass. The Hedgehog is machine washable. Recommend cold water and air-dry. As with all our other mop covers, the Hedgehog is available in various sizes, (6”, 10”, 14” and 18”).

All of our mop covers can be stored by way of rolling and or folding, giving you greater storage options.

Country of origin
Velour: Belgium / Spain
Mop Sleeve: Germany
Made in Germany

Why Maykker?


We only use the highest grade of raw materials from quality suppliers. All products are made in the US or Europe depending on where we find the best sources.

Original design

All our designs are original and designed by our team together with Richie Blue as the creative force behind the ideas.