Python Washer Sleeve

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Python Washer Sleeve to use with the Maykker HandySleeve

Introducing the Maykker Python.
The first in a series of high quality microfiber washer mops. This mop cover system will greatly improve the way you clean windows. The Python wraps tightly and securely around our proprietary HandySleeve allowing superior scrubbing action. Unlike other mop covers which constantly flop and move around, the Python stays tight allowing targeted and superior scrubbing action. You’ll notice a difference right away when you start using them. The high quality microfiber in the Python has great saturation for holding plenty of water between soaking.

Machine wash and air dry. Great storage advantages because you can fold or roll the sleeves. The Python mounts onto the HandySleeve easy peezy, no fuss, and it stays put. Another great optional feature is our unique end scrubbers. Currently available in white pad or bronze wool. The end scrubbers are super useful for removing bee pollen and other stubborn bits we often come across while cleaning glass. Also, when using the end scrubbers you can keep the mop from splashing on the frames because they act as a buffer. Best of all, the end scrubbers are replaceable. So if the end scrubbers wear out, you don’t have to chuck the whole mop cover. Instead, put fresh new ones on.

The Python is a high quality mop washer. No longer do you have to worry about blowing the ends out of your mops. Try one, you’ll be hooked.



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